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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  March 16, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in the news this wednesday morning, japan's nuclear crisis intensifies and the second reactor may have ruptured and is releasing radioactive steam. they put off a plan to dump water from helicopters over the fuel rods. >> i'm heather ishimaru live in san bruno. pg&e has turned over the record books but not all the records are there. >> good morning to you. looking at a dry embarcadero right now, the rain is knocking the door and should be here soon. i'll show you live doppler 7 hd. >> i'm sue in for frances, we
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have an accident at dordilia junction. >> and a new poll has support for making higher taxes. >> we have a wet wednesday. thank you so much for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. >> let's check in with mike to see how long the rain will be with us. >> it will be with us through the lunch hour. expect wet weather through the morning commute to about 12:00 or 1:00. if you are leaving right now the bulk of the rain is falling into the north bay. you can see around bodega bay and all up and down 101 and 29. we have healthy returns right around the bay itself from san francisco down to san mateo over to hayward, san ramon. dublin, up towards concord and walnut creek. scattered light rains around the santa clara valley. big picture will show this is all moving slowly to the east
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and should be out by 12:00. here is sue with the traffic. >> quick look this morning. we do have rain and an accident around the cordelia junction. it's not blocking any lanes but you will find it off to the side. we've got heavy snow in the mountains, chains are required, blue canyon, central truckee and slow traffic and screening trucks. checking mass transit it's all on time, bart, muni and tolls, it's clear at the bay bridge. sue, thank you very much. japanese officials are battling a new fire at the troubled nuclear plant 140 miles north of tokyo. workers that had tried to cool the reactors down had to leave because after surgery of radiation. the team of 180 workers had been
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rotating in and out of the danger zone to minimize their radiation exposure. the japanese emperor expressed his condolences and urge is his citizens not to give up. here is the latest. >> reporter: today more problems at the fukushima daiichi power plant and the last line of defense grew even thinner. >> the worst case scenario are starting to unfold. >> there was a second fire at the fourth unit smoke rose from the number three reactor. helicopters scooped up sea water but the plan was cracked when radiation spiked. at least for a while, the final 50 workers kept on to help prevent a nuclear meltdown. >> the radiation levels are getting so high the workers can't day there. >> they continue to fluctuate. >> on the whole it oppose no
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health hazard. >> but 140,000 people are evacuated from near the nuclear plant. in tokyo 150 miles away, people are radiation badges and buying everything in sight. the natural disaster was probably worse. >> i think very likely the tsunami will considerably more people. >> the number that have died here exceeds 10,000 and hundreds of thousands are homeless. u.s. nuclear experts hope to solve the problem before it gets worse. >> scientists say the current levels of radiation don't pose a threat to people here in the u.s. but still, health stores and drugstores have seen a run on potassium iodide pills and kelp.
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it can help block the thyroid gland from absorbing radiation. experts say there is not necessary here. >> there is no need for those pills in california. >> japan's government is distributing potassium iodide to its citizens and walgreen's supplies are sending their full supply of pills there, as well. >> both houses of state legislature are scheduled to vote on governor brown's budget plan. there five republican senators have been meeting with brown but refused to endorse the tax vote. meantime, a new poll shows most registered voters support the tax extension. 58% say they would put brown's
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plan on the ballot. 68% say they want a special election to decide it. >> the u.c. board of regents meets to review cost cutting proposals. the board is looking for way to overcome a $500 million in state funding. they want them to submit their own plan. workers and students plan to rally at u.c. berkeley to tell the regents not to make any more cuts or to raise fees. berkeley campus plans to lay off 150 management workers between now and june. >> today the state puc begins two days of public hearings. the current 408 area code is projected to run out of numbers because there are so many people with cell phones and other devices. a new area code, 669, they are trying to figure out who will
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get the new area code. we'll have a live report at 5:00. so all the new phone numbers get the area code? should they do it by region? >> in my area 510 to 925 -- you can remember it. it wasn't a problem. >> 4:37. >> it's rainy out there? >> absolutely. here is a look at the rain and you can see the moisture starting to come in just a little bit. southwesterly flow and the cold front has moved through most of the bay area. so i do see a drying trend develops but not until the afternoon hours. some of the strongest showers are moving into the east bay valleys right around the bay from the san mateo bridge up to the bay bridge. it will be heading over to berkeley and over to fremont the
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next 10 to 15 minutes. mild this morning with temperatures in the low to mid-50s. by the afternoon hours, a little cooler than yesterday. we'll have mid-50s around the coast and low 50s for the rest of us. antioch could be warmer at 54. a ray or two of sunshine as we head into the afternoon hours. i believe we'll get through thursday morning, thursday afternoon, showers return. we could have thunder with friday storms as it moves in. that is the coaler one. look at the temperatures over the weekend will be in the low to mid 50s. >> thank you mike, rain on your commute. slick roads mean for solo spinouts when which we have right now. 780 eastbound, a car is off the road there, very slick conditions. san mateo bridge moving well both directions between hayward to san mateo and the other direction again. as we check the bay bridge
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metering lights remain off at this hour. find very light traffic on the way in to san francisco. >> thank you very much. >> it's 4:39. >> a plan of attack that one east bay city has been living with for a year. >> sidewalk crackdown, they are cracking down for people that sit on city's sidewalks. >> you remember this? >> i [ asst mgr ] what are you doing? fixing the name. it'siber none. looks like one. well, i know. i put an "n" there. ah! fiber one honey clusters cereal! that's really good! it tastes good, so there can't be fiber in it! it's actually got about half a day's worth of fiber.
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a choice of elegant fragrances, like white lily and orchid, to brighten up your world. add a touch of sophistication to your home, with the white collection from air wick. experience the white collection with a free air wick warmer and other money-saving coupons in this weekend's papers. here is a live look at embarcadero. roads are a little wet out there. light rain moving through. mike will be talking about that and also talk about what is coming up this weekend.
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right now, let's talk about this story. pg&e could find out today whether it will be slapped with halve feichbs and forced to make safety tests on the gas lines as a result of san bruno explosion. heather ishimaru is live in san bruno, they wanted to see documents that pg&e couldn't produce. >> reporter: that's right. in september an explosion killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. that prompted the state to do a record search so it would prevent the same thing from happening anywhere else. >> last night pg&e turned in a 154 page summary to the cpuc. it says it could produce pressure test records for only two in other words of its eight miles of transmission lines. that could order the utility to reduce pressure in those lines.
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that decision could come very quickly. >> if we look the information from the puc to be confident that those pipelines are being operated safely we will take action to lower the pressure. >> it would probably be a 20% pressure reduction. that seems to be the threshold for safety. pg&e has said in the past that that kind of reduction should not affect adversely service to its customers at least not as the warmer months are ahead. also pg&e says it would put on its website a map indicating all those lines for which it is missing records. live in san bruno, "abc 7 news." >> it could be another year and a half before a sinkhole opened up in richmond gets a permanent repair. this sinkhole opened up at the
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entrance of a richmond neighborhood leaving residents stranded. aging pipe was blamed for the problem and temporary repairs were put in place. they are looking al recommendations to replace the pipe were a sturdier one. >> you could hit the ground with the first shovel a year from now. after the rainy season ends. >> a recommended fix for the aging metal pipe with a 12 million price tag. richmond could end up paying as much as $3 million. san francisco police are enforcing seeing or lying on the sidewalks. they delayed enforcing it because they wanted to train officers in the proper enforcement. officers will issue warnings to violators and then citations.
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it prohibits people from sitting or lying on sidewalks from 7:00 in the morning until 11:00 in the evening. >> a teenager has won $100,000 in an academic competition. he got first place in the intel science talent as much in washington, d.c. that is video from the awards air is monday. he won the prize for efficient way of finding square roots. >> he plans to go to harvard in the fall and eventually a math professor. >> math, science, spelling is there anything he can do? >> can he dunk a basketball. we'll get to that. >> and nor on the survivors in japan. >> new technology that engineers say will help quake proof one of
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the newest hospitals. >> and san francisco is a bit closer to choosing a new police chief. >> say goodbye to this. [ female announcer ] to get fresh-baked rich, indulgent chocolaty brownies you don't have to open your oven... just the refrigerator. ready-to-eat pillsbury eet moments. find them in the refrigerated section of your store. bui've got a warm, fresh baked
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welcome back. 4:48. you can see a lot of weather in the northeast but it's wet. not too much in the way of frozen stuff, it will develop around new york, boston and detroit. apology and portland, we'll have rain and it will come eventually into sfo. flight tracker, use "abc 7 news" it's 4:48, japanese officials are now battling a new fire at the troubled fukushima daiichi plant which is 140 miles north of tokyo. workers that frantically tried to cool down one of reactors
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were forced to surge after a dangerous surge in radiation. more than 11,000 people are now officially listed as dead or missing to following last friday's 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. rescue workers are desperately looking for survivors in buildings covered by fresh snow. the drop in temperatures has further reduced the chance of finding anyone alive and dozens of aftershocks continue to rattle japan. the series of aftershocks will transfer stress near tokyo and trigger another quake. >> dozens of students studying abroad in japan are being asked to return home. they sent a hem memo to bring back the 65 students studying in japan. that includes 12 san francisco state university students.
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stanford university says all 35 of its students studying in japan have been accounted for and on their way back home. u.c. berkeley says the 17 students are doing well. they are not requiring them to come home. >> a new hospital in burlingame will open in may with the capability of with is standing an 8.0 earthquake. no medical center is built with 165 isolaters, base isolaters, each is on supports about 3 million pounds, when the ground shakes, they move up to 30 inches in either direction. >> it will ride up, the concave dish and as the building moves and the weight of the building will drive that puck back to center and back and forth. >> structural engineers say the
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hospital patients and staff will feel only moderate shaking. >> how would you like to get mid to get rid of your lawn? alameda county wants to get more homeowners to use less water by replacing their lawns with sustainable gardens. they are offering up to $500 for homeowners and up to $3,000 for a multifamily and commercial customer who has make the transition. lawns account for half the water use of a typical home. >> there is an offer. >> today you are getting your water free. >> fill those reservoirs and keep them going. we have a little light rain falling. you can see the embarcadero is wet right now. that is indicative of what you are going to deal with for the better part of the morning hours. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. pretty healthy radar returns
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across most of the bay. as you head into the south bay, there is less as you barely received any rain out of the system. over the past three hours, upparticular in the rain as the combed -- uptick of the rain and it started during the overnight hours. when the low to mid-50s when you step outside so pretty mild this morning. mid-50s around the monterey bay. highlights, let's talk about how long it's going to stay wet. mainly this morning in to about the noon to 1:00 hours. it will dry this afternoon. we'll try to bring a little sunshine into your of a forecast. hopefully tomorrow's commute in the morning will be dry. stronger storm is possible on fridays. will bring you thunder and small hail. today, temperatures cooler and mid-50s around the coast. monterey bay, monterey at pat. everybody else, even inland in
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the low 60s. around the state today. snow and needing chains up there tahoe, 40 degrees and rain in the central valley. palm springs 84 degrees today. let's take a look what is going on up there. a little area of low pressure with the wave of energy, slows down the forward progress and tends to create more rain as it moves on. that is that push of dry weather we're going to get in the afternoon hours. here we are at 7:00 this morning. you can see the last push of rain moving through the bay at noon, by 2:00, gone, afternoon commute, evening commute looking good. baseball game tonight, if you are playing on the turf, 7:00 tomorrow morning, we're waking up to partly cloudy skies, a lot of fog out there. thick heavy dew on the ground, by 1:00 more rain developing in the north bay. slide across the bay.
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see how weak this one is. it's the one behind it friday morning, look at all those yellows and oranges, that could bring flooding rain and small hail and thunder. seven-day forecast, that will open the door friday's storm to cooler conditions saturday and sunday with scattered showers and another chance of rain nicks tuesday. here is sue, good morning. >> good morning, mike. we do have some slick roads that could affect your commute. wet roads, heavy overnight rain. we do have a spinout still remaining at 780 on-ramp at dordelia. eastbound 80 in fairfield, reports after stall, big rig at north texas, be aware of that. let's take a look at walnut creek camera, 680 southbound, traveling through walnut creek. at the limit and as you approach oakland, moving well, no
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problems take a look at the bay bridge, metering lights remain off so no problem there. extenuate to go and click on traffic. the decision on who will be the next san francisco police chief rests in the hands of mayor ed lee. they gave the final list of possible candidate to the mayor. after a two hour closed session last night, they kep the list to three names and he can select a chief from there or return the list for a new name. >> santa cruz police say they've used dna from a suspect's family to link a man to a three-year-old sexual assault and robbery. they say he sneaked into a coffee shop in the early morning hours of march 2008 and sexually assaulted a female worker. investigators used a dna search
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from evidence at the crime scene to identify two potential suspects using items taken from the crash, they made a direct dna match last month. it's been used only once before to connect the suspect to the crime. >> redwood city officials have refinanced add fine they levied on a woman. they say she dumped birdseed on woodside road and threatened to shoot someone with city code enforcement officer. she paid the $200 fine for feeding bird. city officials saying feeding pigeons is illegal will you only at courthouse square. >> next at 5:00. nuclear crisis in japan goes from bad to worse. we'll show you the latest challenge facing engineers who are trying to stop a meltdown. >> also what engineers here will be doing today to make santa
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cruz harbor safe for boaters after tsunami surges. >> and i'm janelle wang live in the south bay, you soon could
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good morning, i'm janelle wang in san jose where too many people have these, phone numbers could run out. so your number could be 669 instead. >> i'm heather ishimaru live in


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